Specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for adolescents, adults and families suffering from mild to severe cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.   

The following services are offered:

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY: rooted in CBT and DBT methods to treat a range of different symptoms and disorders include: 
•  Depression & sadness 
•  Family issues (adoption, divorce, death)
•  General anxiety/OCD/Social anxiety 
•  Medical issues (chronic pain, infertility) 
•  Eating disorders 
•  LGBTQ issues 
•  Behavior problems/Social skills deficits
•  Borderline Personality Disorder 
•  Substance abuse 
•  Stress management 
•  Anger management issues

GROUP THERAPY: connect with others sharing similar experiences, gain support, develop trust, increase self-awareness, and learn new ways of coping with challenges in a safe, therapeutic environment (8-10 max). 
Groups offered:
  DBT Skills Group (16 weeks) 
•   Anxiety Management Group (12 week) 
•   Social Skills Training Group (open)
•   Teenage Girl Group (open) 
•   LGBT Group (open) 
•   Family Support Group (16 weeks) 
•   Mindful Parenting Group (8 weeks) 
•   Fertility Focused Mindfulness-Based   
    Support Group      
•   Mindfulness and Meditation Group (6 weeks) 

**Prior to joining a group, each client will receive a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that the designated group is a good match. 
 ** Group therapy sessions often include individual homework assignments to reinforce skills.

PSYCHOLOGICAL & EDUCATIONAL TESTING: provides a more accurate assessment and diagnosis of the student's difficulties and strengths thereby helping to determine special-education eligibility, educational recommendations & appropriate treatment interventions.  
• Learning disabilities                                                          
• ADHD                                                                               
• 504 accommodations                                                            
• Eligibility for special services (college-age Students too!)                                                                                                                    • Gifted (strengths-based) assessment          
• Diagnostic evaluation     

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING WORKSHOPS & PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION: EBTW will develop a workshop or presentation to address the unique needs and interests of your organization.  
Who could benefit:
 •  Hospitals 
 •   Schools 
 •   Professional associations 
 •   Medical professionals 
 •   Community organizations   
Services available:
 •  Program Development 
 •   Professional Development 
 •   Presentation/Lecture 
 •   Parent-Training Workshops 
 •   Phone Coaching (to increase skill use in natural env’t)    

Referrals…  Referrals may be made by physicians, healthcare professionals, community agencies, family members, or prospective patients.

If you or someone you know could benefit from these kinds of services, please call (914.714.4653) or email (info@ebtWestchester.com).

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