Family Support Group
Families of people with different mental health related difficulties may also benefit from therapy. The challenges of dealing with an ill relative on a daily basis can be very stressful, and family members may unknowingly act in ways that worsen their loved one's symptoms.
Some therapies, such as DBT-family skills training (DBT-FST), include family members in treatment. This program helps families develop skills to better understand and support a relative presenting with psychological concerns.

Life issues and problem areas addressed include:
· Emotional Dysregulation
     - Unidentified or out of control emotions
     - Anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame (even joy!)
· Cognitive Dysregulation
     - Feeling Disconnected
     - Difficulties thinking clearly
     - Feeling numb; "zoned out"
· Behavioral Dysregulation
     - Impulsive actions (doing/ saying things you regret or are ashamed of)
     - Threatening/"manipulative" behavior (suicidal & non-suicidal self-injurious behavior)
· Interpersonal Dysregulation
     - Chaotic, unstable relationships (love-hate relationships)
     - Fears of abandonment
     - Loneliness; feeling abused or misunderstood by others
· Self Dysregulation
     - Feeling empty inside
     - Not knowing where one fits in; Identity confusion

Please call (914.714.4653) or email (info@ebtWestchester.com) with questions or to register, groups are forming now!
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